Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering

A unit of Sha-Shib Group Of Institutions

Approved By DGCA, Central Govt. of India (Under CAR-147)



  • SSAT Registration for batch 2020 started
  • Policy interventions towards energizing Maintenance Repair and Overhaul.
  • Further promoting the UDAN scheme.
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Training Facilities

  1. Classroom

    At present, the institute has well ventilated & spacious class rooms with seating arrangement and training aids such as OHP projector for the students undergoing regular classes and examination. ln addition to this the institute has well-furnished conference hall and Wi-Fi Campus.

    The institute has a library having and ensuring reasonable access to copies of all CARs and other DGCA regulations examples of typical aircraft maintenance manuals and service bulletins, Airworthiness Directives, aircraft and component records, release documentation, procedures manuals and aircraft maintenance programme for approved basic maintenance training courses under controlled supervision.

    ln addition to the CARs and DGCA regulations, the institute is having documentation represent typical examples for both large and small aircraft and cover both aeroplane and helicopters as appropriate. Avionic documentation is also available to cover a representative range of available equipment.

    Beside this, a good collection of books in Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Science and Mathematics etc are also available. ln addition to this, local and foreign aviation magazines, journals & newspapers are also available for the use of students and lecturers.

    The library is equipped with the number of computers and printer with internet facility.

  2. Workshops

    To provide the practical training, the institute has the following workshops:

    1. Fitting and Carpentry Shop
    2. Machine Shop
    3. Welding Shop
    4. Engine Shop
    5. Airframe Shop
    6. Composite Shop
    7. Electrical Shop
    8. Instrument Shop
    9. Radio Shop
    10. Battery Shop
    11. Computer Shop

    ln addition to above, the institute is approved by DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation, therefore we are having all the facilities for practical training as per CAR147(Basic).