Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering

A unit of Sha-Shib Group Of Institutions

Approved By DGCA, Central Govt. of India (Under CAR-147)



  • SSAT Registration for batch 2020 started
  • Policy interventions towards energizing Maintenance Repair and Overhaul.
  • Further promoting the UDAN scheme.
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An enriched library is an essential requisite of an Engineering or Technical Institution. The library mirrors the current advancement occurring in the sphere of Technology & Engineering. We also provide Audio / Video facilities for the better understanding of the subjects. To satiate the need of the students the Institute has established a library which has a vast accumulation of plenty of authenticated books on various branches of Engineering & Technology.


  1. The membership of the library is open to all the students of the Institute who had paid their library fees.
  2. Students desirous to borrow books from the library must have an identity card issued by the Institute.
  3. Only one book is issued at a time to a student.
  4. Reference book will be issued to the student.
  5. No book can be issued twice a month to a student.
  6. There is a provision of study of the reference book in the Library room itself.
  7. The Mutual transfer of the allotted books is not allowed among the borrowers.
  8. The books will be issued to the students only on allotted time and date.
  9. The students will be solely responsible for any damage or loss of the book caused by him other and he / she may be asked to replace it.
  10. A student can retain a Book for 7 days only with him/her.
  11. A fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged for the extra keeping of the Book.