Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering

A unit of Sha-Shib Group Of Institutions

Approved By DGCA, Central Govt. of India (Under CAR-147)



  • SSAT Registration for batch 2020 started
  • Policy interventions towards energizing Maintenance Repair and Overhaul.
  • Further promoting the UDAN scheme.
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Conduct of Student

The following Rules & Regulations of Institute shall be observed strictly.

  1. Every student will strictly adhere to the rules & regulation of the Institute. They should be neatly dressed.
  2. Students should maintain the Tuition Notes & Record of Practical Work up to date. Tuition Notes & Practical Records will be checked by the Instructor every month. He / She should have a set of their own A.M.E. text books related with their subjects & tool kits of their own.
  3. When syllabus is completed as per the lesson planning, the students Tuition Notes & Workshop Records should be deposited to Training Manager (T.M.) for his scrutiny.
  4. Late comers should report to the T.M. before entering classes. In the absence of T.M. Q.M will deal with such cases & inform to the T.M. No student is allowed to leave class /workshop without the permission of the Instructor in-charge of the class/workshop superintendent.
  5. All leave Application will be addressed to the T.M. who is the sanctioning authority. Students absent themselves without leave for more than a week should obtain the permission of the T.M. before attending the next class. Minimum of 80% attendance is compulsory for every student to sit for the semester exam or he/she shall be debarred from the Exam.
  6. In addition to our practical facilities students are required to pay the actual cost (which will be nominal) for the practical if any arranged with other organizations.